Youth Justice Petition

8 August 2019

The Opposition stood with Territory business owners today in solidarity against proposed amendments to the Youth Justice and Related Legislation Amendment Bill 2019.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said the changes did not reflect community expectation and will fail to address the current youth crime crisis.

"The Bill places the rights of youth offenders above the rights of victims, families and businesses that have—for too long—suffered the financial and emotional consequences of failed policies concerning youth offending," she said.

"During the Scrutiny Committee process, I tabled a dissenting report where I outlined the many issues with this Bill," she said.

The Opposition tabled a petition in Parliament today – signed by 994 locals – who are strongly opposed to the proposed changes within the Youth Justice and Related Legislation Amendment Bill 2019.

"Business owners are sick of being broken in to, they’re sick of footing the bill for bigger insurance premiums, but more than anything, they’re sick of watching the Gunner Labor Government take the side of criminals," she said.

"These business owners and community members have held rallies at Parliament House and in Palmerston where no one from the Gunner Labor Government has had the respect to attend. Now the community are tabling a petition to the Parliament hoping their voices will be heard.

"It would be very wise for the Gunner Labor Government to take the time to listen before any more shops are broken in to, or worse, shut their doors for good."