Youth Justice Chaos

23 August 2019

Reports this week of detainees on the roof at Don Dale have been condemned by the Opposition.
Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said police yet again had to attend the facility, where attacks on four youth justice officers highlighted how incompetent the Gunner Labor Government is at managing this facility.
“It is unconscionable that the Gunner Labor Government continues to put our hardworking youth justice officers at risk by making them go to work in an environment that is clearly unsafe,” Mrs Finocchiaro said.
“Time has demonstrated that the Gunner Labor Government has failed to equip Territory Families to deal with the volatility of detainees.
“It is completely unacceptable that detainees continue to get on the roof, threaten and injure staff.
“The Minister needs to explain to Territorians why our youth justice officers are left so vulnerable to attack, why police should have to continue to divert its resources to attend disturbances and whether the youths involved in assaults on workers are being charged.”
Mrs Finocchiaro said keeping information about Don Dale from the public was unacceptable, and these incidents shouldn’t be ignored or shrugged off.
“Territorians are disgusted by assaults on workers who deserve to go to work and come home safely,” she said.
“One thing is certain - if elected to government next year, youth justice will go back under the control of Corrections to provide the necessary custodial oversight of our youth detention centres.”