Youth Justice and Electoral Act

21 March 2019

All comments are by Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro

Youth Justice – Opposition supports youth detention officers

"We support this Bill because it will give youth detention centre staff the tools they need to run a detention centre safely and securely.

"The Opposition has always had concerns about the safety of the staff and youth detainees in detention centres in the Northern Territory, and want to make sure that the staff of those centres have the appropriate powers to maintain that safety.

"Under the Labor Government’s watch, youth crime is soaring, and youth detention is in shambles.

"Under the incompetence of this Labor government, and its inability to manage youth detention, we have seen chaos in our detention centres. Over the past 10 months since the last changes that were made to this legislation, which drastically reduced the power of youth detention staff to exercise force and restraint in the course of their jobs, we have seen numerous incidents that have been very concerning.

"This bungling only reinforces our belief that youth detention should be handed back to Corrections, to provide a strong, custodial framework."

Electoral Act – Gunner brings back the gauntlet

"We have had overwhelming feedback from Territorians who say they don’t want to ‘run the gauntlet’ on Election Day.

"The Opposition are in strong support of a clear 100m exclusion zone, where Territorians can vote without interacting with campaigners.

"The Chief Minister has not done his homework and this Bill is Labor’s way of winding back improvements to the Electoral Act."