Youth curfew for Alice Springs

27 NOVEMBER 2019

The Opposition has been asking the Gunner Labor Government to consider a curfew in Alice Springs since October 2017.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said the idea of a youth curfew was raised as an immediate mechanism to prevent youth crime in the Red Centre.

"In Alice Springs, residents are living through a crime crisis, yet the Chief Minister refuses to even consider a curfew," he said.

"A youth curfew is not about punishing kids, it is about supporting and protecting them, giving them a bed to sleep in at night, and it is a way to prevent crime, and protect the community.

"Parents need to be held accountable for the whereabouts of their children, but they equally may need help keeping track of their children as there are some who are struggling."

Mr Higgins said a curfew would give police a tool to prevent crime, identify abusive and neglectful households, and act as a trigger for Territory Families to match youth and their families with the services and support they need.

"Unfortunately, the Chief Minister has dug his heels in and refuses to consider a curfew as an option for Alice Springs," he said.

"The Gunner Labor Government is stuck on repeat, spinning rhetoric about generational change and ignoring the very real and justified concerns of Territorians."