Youth crime approach – a slow response

6 December 2018

The Labor Government’s proposed approaches to tackle youth crime in Palmerston are long overdue.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said she’s astonished it has taken more than two years for Labor to finally realise they need to do something to deal with escalating crime in Palmerston.

"Everyone knows it’s a small amount of offenders causing the majority of the harm – this government has been glacially slow to deal with crime in our community," Mrs Finocchiaro said.

"These measures look promising but they won’t really happen for another year and the government needs to get real and address soaring crime rates right now.

"They have poured $18 million into youth diversion and crime prevention for two years which has done little to address offending. The Government need to admit their measures to date have not worked and they need to invest in approaches that drive crime down.

"As well, Territorians want to see real consequences and young offenders need to be involved in repairing the damage they have caused. Offenders need to see the human cost of their actions and the devastating impact on victims. We hope the Government’s commitment to that happens and happens soon."

Mrs Finocchiaro called on the government to also commit to proper consultation over its plans to set up a "safe sleeping place" in Palmerston.

"We have seen this government’s idea of consultation and it’s not good," she said. "We don’t want to see another Pinelands fiasco.

"Labor has no clear plan for youth justice. On one hand it’s sending detainees to a new centre in Pinelands and with the other it’s building a training facility near Holtz. We have consistently said the new youth detention centre should be in Holtz not Pinelands."