Written questions, but no answers

25 March 2019

Labor continues to lack openness and transparency after they failed to answer written questions on agencies’ budgets from the Opposition.

There were more than 25 questions submitted for each agency in February asking for basic information on such matters as staffing, consultancies and grants.

"We made it clear, we were asking these questions now because of the Government’s interim financial report in December – we want to keep a very close eye on the government’s expenditure in these areas," Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said.

"By having the figures for the point of time as at 31 December, we would be able to compare and scrutinise more carefully the figures provided during the Estimates Hearing.

"The information should be already in the government’s hands – it should be part of their so-called root and branch review as well as the regular meetings Ministers are supposedly having with Departmental Chief Executives.

"Instead the government has once again refused to be open with their information."

This begs the question do they know the answers or do they just want to play politics by denying to make the information public at this time. Territorians have a right to know what this government is doing to rein in expenditure and to stop the waste.

The answer to each of the questions from the Government is as follows:

"Thank you for your questions submitted for the 2019 Budget Estimates Hearings.

As per the standard process, answers will be provided prior to the Estimates Hearings."

"Why did they wait until parliament had risen, before sending this no answer?" Mr Higgins said.

"This is not Estimates – we sought numbers they should already have and our request has been denied – what are they hiding?

"This Government promised honesty, openness and transparency and it has has failed time and time again." No wonder no one has any confidence in this hopeless Labor Government.