Woeful Wakefield

24 OCTOBER 2019

Minister for Territory Families Dale Wakefield has unsurprisingly demonstrated her complete incompetence on radio today.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said this morning on ABC radio in an interview relating to child protection statistics, the Minister claimed that Territory Families had come in $6 million under budget.

"The Treasurer’s annual report actually shows a $25 million overspend by her own Department," he said.

"The Minister promoted being three per cent under budget, but was called out on her attempt to hide from the real figures.

"She tried to backpedal and specified that they had underspent in their operational budget only.

"How can Territorians trust a Minister and a Government who claim the figures and contradict themselves in the same breath?"

Mr Higgins said Territorians are sick of hearing cherry-picked statistics around crime, alcohol, the budget, and child protection.

"It’s time the Gunner Labour Government stopped trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Territorians and picking statistics which suit them," he said.

"It’s a grave concern because the government is believing its own propaganda."

Mr Higgins said the departmental overspend was another example of the government not managing its finances effectively.

"A CLP Government would get the budget back in control by cutting the waste, and reining in the spending," he said.