Welcome projects but where are the wealth generators

7 February 2019

Only one of the re-announced infrastructure projects "fast-tracked" by the Northern Territory Government is wealth creating.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said while the Opposition welcomed the projects, it was disingenuous for Labor to imply they are some sort of boon for the economy.

"These are necessary infrastructure projects which have been on the books for some time," Mr Higgins said. "In fact, in the case of the Mandorah Jetty, that’s an overdue project. Labor promised it ages ago so they’re just catching up.

"We’re not saying don’t do them but we are cynical about the government’s announcement – it amounts to no new money and once the projects are done the jobs will disappear.

"They are bringing forward projects that they have failed to get out in the first place. Also, only the Litchfield spend will yield a financial return.

Mr Higgins said Labor has priors in not getting work out the door.

"I know they’ve published when the projects will happen but you can forgive us for being sceptical – they have previous form in not getting the spend out the door," he said. "We’ll believe it when we see it."

The Opposition Leader said he’d also like to know where the Chief Minister is up to in terms of the one-on-ones he’s conducting with departmental heads and how the so called "root and branch" examination is going.

"What savings have they identified for this financial year and the outer years? How is the government reining in their spending?" he said.

"Territorians deserve some real answers and not more rhetoric."