Way OFF track

30 September 2019

The Gunner Labor Government continues to make up its youth justice policy as it goes along – and Territorians are the ones paying for it.

In December 2018 the government announced a new youth skills centre in Palmerston as part of its so-called "back on track" youth diversion program. It was to be located at the Buslink Vivo terminal at Howard Springs and operational from mid-2019.

During Estimates, they reluctantly revealed that the site had been scrapped and there was no alternative on the cards. Then, in Question Time in September, Education Minister Uibo stated: "We are continuing to progress with suitable site selection to this particular service".

Now, on Friday (27 September, 2019), a tender opened for the lease of a youth skills centre, proving the Gunner Labor Government still haven’t found a site and worse, they haven’t even been looking: "The Northern Territory Government is seeking to lease new or refurbished premises to establish a Youth Skills Training Centre for the Department of Education in the Palmerston region."

"This is getting ridiculous," Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said. "Like the new youth detention centre debacle, the Gunner Labor Government can’t do a simple thing like find an appropriate site for their Youth Skills Training Centre.

"We’ve seen so many deadlines come and go and we’re still no closer to a centre. What we have is a Government that is quick to make announcements in a desperate attempt to look busy, but the rubber never hits the road.

"This Gunner Labor Government has its priorities wrong, and is doing nothing to stop crime from happening or rehabilitate offenders"

"They simply do not know how to govern."