Wasteful ways costs all Territorians

16 OCTOBER 2019

The Gunner Labor Government’s reckless and wasteful spending is a drain on a struggling economy and will be the key focus in Parliament today.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said wasteful spending had contributed to the Territory’s dire budget situation.

"The Opposition condemns the waste by the Northern Territory Government of taxpayers’ funds at a time when our stagnant economy is struggling to stay afloat," he said.

"This Gunner Labor Government has made consistently poor choices and has dubious spending priorities.

"The population has not grown, sustainable private sector investment has been stalled, and there is no economic growth forecast for the rest of the year."

Mr Higgins said despite three bad budgets in a row contributing to a net debt of $6.2 billion, there had been consistent spending from a reckless and wasteful Government and their priorities have been totally wrong.

"The ubiquitous promotional government fence wrap and hoarding is not going away anytime soon, and they’ve so far spent $161,000 on it or the equivalent to the wage of a nurse or senior teacher," he said.

"The NT Beverages/Akuna Blue water debacle is $10 million invested or about 106 senior constables.

"The $19.4 million underground carpark equals the wages of about 128 senior teachers. The list goes on.

"We are seriously concerned about the lack of urgency from this incompetent Gunner Labor Government to make much needed fiscal changes.

"A CLP Government would rein in the spending, free up industry and business, support a diversified economy, support sustainable infrastructure, incentivise private sector investment and stop the waste.

"We plead with the government to please wean itself off its addiction to committees and reviews, and to think before they spend for the sake of people who call this great place home."