Washing their hands of responsibility

12 July 2019

The Gunner Labor Government continues to avoid the truth about their woeful mishandling of the Territory’s economy, yet again blaming the Commonwealth, this time for the financial woes of the Charles Darwin University. The Opposition supports CDU and understands its importance in our community.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said Labor likes to ignore the facts and has yet again failed Territorians dismally.

"It is very disappointing that the CDU is the latest victim of the Gunner Labor Government’s economic crisis," she said

"On so many levels they continue to demonstrate they do not have the ability or maturity to be in government.

"While the Gunner Labor Government whinge about the Commonwealth, we’ve been lobbying the Federal Government about regional university funding and going into bat for the CDU.

"But it would be churlish to ignore what the Commonwealth has done.

"The Commonwealth provided $100 million for the Cities Deal specifically for the CDU and has implemented new arrangements (from 1 July) giving international students studying at regional universities access to an additional year in Australia on a post-study work visa.

"They also introduced new tertiary scholarships to attract Australian and international students to study in regional Australia ($15,000 scholarships will be available to more than 1000 domestic and international students each year).

"It is up to the Gunner Government to do its part and promote these opportunities to increase enrolment, and make the work available here – something it has not done.

"They talk about supporting international students but, apart from the Minister taking a couple of overseas trips, what have they actually done? Obviously, whatever it is, it’s not working.

"The Opposition questions the real reasons for the $21 million black hole and understands VET is contributing to this figure.

"The population is declining, the economy is in crisis and businesses continue to close. It is not surprising that trades training is in significant decline."