Vickie Chapman: challenges can be met and beaten

28 March 2019

Labor should pay close attention to the words of South Australian Deputy Premier Vickie Chapman and learn from their experiences.

Ms Chapman today delivered a compelling speech at a Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce function in Darwin.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said Ms Chapman’s speech was informative and inspiring.

"So much of what Vickie told the Chamber is the same as the Northern Territory’s experience – especially the economic challenges and the need to face them head on," Mr Higgins said.

Ms Chapman told the Chamber how hard budgeting decisions were starting to pay off, after developing policies in line with feedback from South Australian businesses, encouraging private investment and increasing business confidence.

She said tourism, international education, mining and energy, and exports were a main focus of the SA Government, who also abolished payroll tax for businesses with payrolls up to $1.5m.

Mr Higgins said South Australia was a great example of how good relationships with the Commonwealth paid dividends.

"South Australia has been lucky enough to receive a number of incentives from the Commonwealth including funding towards a space agency, and an Indigenous art gallery after growing their economy and encouraging private investment," he said.

"They’re a prime example of how a government can make hard, honest decisions and show discipline in relation to reining in Government spending and going back to zero based budgeting.

"Their focus on their exports has seen the opening of offices in Tokyo and Shanghai to build relationships with key export destinations and they’re developing strategies to grow their international student base.

"I hope this Labor Government takes a few pages from the book of a Government which knows how to operate professionally, cooperatively and creatively."