Underground Car Park questions remain

1 October 2019

Questions still remain around the Gunner Labor Government’s underground car park.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said all the public knew was that there would be an electronic number plate recognition ticketing system, revealed only today in the NT News.

"We still don’t know who’s operating this car park, how it’s going to operate, and what it will cost to park there," he said.

"Considering this car park will open before the end of the month, there are plenty of questions which remain unanswered.

"Many public servants are given free car spaces, so will this continue to be the case for them? Or will they have to pay for parking?"

Mr Higgins said Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Eva Lawler was cute when asked about allegations surrounding the depth of the car park not being enough during the September sittings.

"We understand the car park was not dug deep enough, which means plans for the trees and plants on top were scrapped for a sculpture garden," he said.

"There are more questions than answers and we need to start to see these answers from a wasteful Gunner Labor Government who can’t seem to get anything right and don’t know how to govern."