Turbo charging debt and deficit

24 April 2019

The Gunner Labor Government must tell Territorians where they found $50 million of new money to fund ‘Turbo 2’.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said it was only last week that the Gunner Labor Government announced "tough" decisions had to be made to reach a budget surplus in a decade, but they needed to front media and say exactly where this money was found.

"The Territory is flat broke through the Gunner Labor Government’s financial mismanagement, and now they’ve somehow found an additional $50 million to spend," Mr Higgins said.

"Territorians deserve to know where the new money has come from because we know they cannot be trusted when it comes to taxpayers’ dollars."

Mr Higgins said the Opposition supported increased investment in tourism as long as it was done sensibly.

"Tourism is the single biggest private sector employer in the Northern Territory, and we support investing in domestic and international marketing," He said.

"But the Gunner Labor Government has not proven it is spending wisely on anything. They trot out sceptical tourism figures as gospel and yet we’re still hearing stories from established tourist and hospitality operators about the lack of visitors.

"What KPIs exist on the government’s investments? What evaluations do they have in place to ensure they are spending wisely and strategically for this vital industry?"

Mr Higgins said the Government also needed to make a decision on the future of the Mitchell Street Mile, after conflicting quotes from two of their Members.

"The Member for Sanderson was quoted in today’s NT News saying she supports it being an annual event, but the Tourism Minister has categorically stated it will be part of the biennial Arafura Games which may or may not go ahead pending a cost benefit analysis," Mr Higgins said.

"Labor aren’t on the same page about one of the most notable events on the Territory’s calendar. They continue to fail Territorians at every turn."