Tourism Minister in denial

16 OCTOBER 2019

The Minister for Tourism, Sport and Recreation failed to explain her falling tourism numbers in the Parliament today.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said the latest monthly accommodation report released by her department shows a drop in key occupancy figures for the year to August.

"The Minister and her department have blamed this drop on the end of the Inpex construction phase but these numbers are for the 12 months to August, when her Turbocharging tourism campaign was alive and well," Mr Higgins said.

"When the Opposition asked why her campaign didn’t result in an increase in visitor accommodation numbers to Darwin, we had the same old spin expected from a Minister in the incompetent Gunner Labor Government.

"She’s blamed everyone but herself and said she’s using Australian tourism figures, instead of her own.

"What sort of Tourism Minister dismisses her own figures? She needs to accept that these figures are down and start to make some serious changes to turn them around.

"The Minister could not and would not explain why accommodation over the last year has taken a massive nose dive."

See the NT Tourism figures Here.