Time’s running out

28 June 2019

Today is the last working day that the Gunner Labor Government have until its pay freeze is forced onto executives, including School Principals, working in the Territory’s public service.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said the Government needed to come clean on the consequences for those who didn’t sign the contract variation come Monday.

"We’ve seen the Gunner Labor Government try and force people into signing contract variations to freeze their pay, by publicly pressuring public servants to sign up - despite it being voluntary," she said.

"They’ve been quiet on the consequences for people who won’t sign and today the Deputy Chief Minister refused to rule out that people would be sacked if they didn’t sign up."

"Despite being asked multiple times, the Gunner Labor Government has been silent on exactly how it’s going to legally implement its freeze."

"The Gunner Labor Government also won’t confirm whether it’s actions leave the Territory liable for any adverse future legal claims from those who feel pressured to sign up for fear of retribution."

Mrs Finocchiaro said it also wasn’t a good look for interstate people who may be looking to the Northern Territory as a place to move.

"What message is the Chief Minister sending to people who may be looking to the Territory for a lifestyle change?" she said.

"Mr Gunner, what have you got to hide? Territorians deserve to know their future if they don’t sign these contract variations."