Time for some openness and transparency

10 December 2018

It’s time the Labor Government committed to be open with Alice Springs residents.

In August this year, Minister Dale Wakefield’s office told Alice Springs media that a "comprehensive business case for the National Aboriginal Art Gallery" would be completed "by the end of November".

The tender for the business case also set a 28 November deadline.

Now, and only after questioning by the media (Alice News), project implementation team interim director Dr Mark Crees has confirmed the business case development timeframe by Ernst and Young has been extended with a draft due "in early 2019".

"The business case has been delayed and the site is still under question – when will the government get its act together with this project?" Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said.

"The government and council appear to be locked in an impasse over the site with each claiming to be waiting on the other.

"And will the government be more open with Alice Springs residents about the details? Will they release the business case once it’s done or hide behind a commercial-in-confidence label?

"They are bungling this just as they’ve bungled youth crime and detention, alcohol reform and the economy. And their fall back is to always blame the previous government.

"The Territory has had a Labor regime for more than two years – it’s time they started taking some responsibility for their blunders."