The 2020 countdown starts

22 August 2019

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins has vowed to offer Territorians a “real alternative” in 12 months’ time.
The 12 month countdown to the 2020 Northern Territory election has started, and as the Gunner Labor Government continues to fight among themselves, the Opposition is continuing to work hard for Territorians.
Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said Labor was elected in a landslide victory in 2016, promising to be open and transparent, trustworthy, focussed and united. They weren’t and aren’t.
“No doubt, over the next year we’ll see more dysfunction from the Gunner Labor Government, as they grapple to keep hold of power after three years of bad ideas and failures,” he said.
“We have record levels of debt, a Gunner Labor Government which continues to waste Territory tax payer’s hard earned dollars, and a group of people elected to do a job with very little business experience or idea of how to run an economy.
“What we’ve instead seen is an arrogant, indecisive and incompetent Caucus who fight among each other and give a new meaning to chaos and dysfunction.
“Only nine months ago, the Treasurer fronted Territorians with the news we’d be staring down the barrel of a $35.7 billion net debt if serious budget repair measures weren’t taken, but all we’ve seen is the Chief Minister threaten teachers and front line staff for a saving of $25 million.
“We’ve seen the construction of an underground car park built with no cost benefit analysis, and the Arafura Games’ budget blow out from $3 million to $7.2 million, despite industry telling us it’s more like $11 million. Let’s not forget the $800,000 they spent on a plan for a museum at Myilly Point, only to scrap it and announce a $3 million playground instead.”
Mr Higgins said he and the Member for Spillett Lia Finocchiaro have been working hard, maintaining a positive relationship with the Federal Coalition Government.
“Some of our achievements as Opposition include bringing back the tradies’ scheme, successfully pressuring the Gunner Labor Government to fund both a PET scanner and a cyclotron in Darwin, got a $216 million commitment for Kakadu, and partnering with recreational shooters to successfully pressure the Government over their cuts to magpie geese bag limits,” he said.
“We continue to campaign for certainty for private sector investment, and the abolition of unnecessary taxes.
“We’re looking forward to the next 12 months, we’ll continue to work hard, and show the very stark contrast between the strong economic positions of the CLP and the wasteful, arrogant mismanagement from the Gunner Labor Government.
“We’ll offer Territorians a real choice – they deserve nothing less.”