Territory government needs to get a grip

7 November 2018

In the wake of an eight hour riot at Don Dale youth justice facility, and the Territory making national news headlines for all the wrong reasons, the Territory Labor government reinforced its inept and tone deaf approach in deciding to circulate a media release about the Territory’s population.

Leader of the Opposition, Gary Higgins said that Labor needs to get real.

"Overnight, youth justice detainees rioted at Don Dale, putting the safety of frontline responders, youth justice workers and fellow detainees at risk.

"But rather than addressing that issue, Labor has forged ahead with its flop-ulation plan that intends to bribe people to move to the Northern Territory.

"Growing the Northern Territory’s population is vital, but without the jobs to keep people here and a safe community, any Labor bribe won’t work.

"The incompetence and arrogance of this government really is boundless," said Mr Higgins.