Taking Labor to task

11 February 2019

The Labor Government’s total ineptitude and role in devastating the Northern Territory’s economy will be a key focus at the first Parliamentary Sittings of the year.

The Opposition will not be dissuaded from highlighting the government’s failures and getting them on the official record.

"I know we sound like a broken record but never in the history of the Northern Territory have we seen such a devastating economic outlook," Mr Higgins said.

"By Labor’s own figures and own report, we are looking at decades of debt and if the Government doesn’t rein in its spending soon, the economic crisis will worsen.

"The CLP Opposition has outlined some simple immediate steps Labor could be taking right now but they are not listening. Regardless, we will continue to push for a sensible approach.

"We’ll be asking again - what savings have they identified for this financial year and the outer years? How is the government reining in their spending? Where is the discipline promised by the Chief Minister?

"All we see are spending announcements. Labor just doesn’t understand what is required. They need to rein in spending, not increase it."

Mr Higgins said the Opposition will also lobby hard for changes to the government’s proposed Green Queen legislation.

"We’re very, very concerned about the new Environment Protection Bill which gives the Minister unprecedented power over any proposed project in the Northern Territory and will increase the rights of professional protesters," he said.

"We hope the government sees sense and adjusts the legislation before it’s too late."