Strong budget from a strong government

2 April 2019

The Opposition hopes the Territory Labor Government’s budget is as strong as the Federal Government’s, as a national surplus is forecasted for the first time in over a decade.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said the contrast between the Federal Coalition Government and the Territory Labor Government couldn’t be starker.

"On one hand, there is a strong, decisive leadership delivering a budget surplus and record employment numbers, but on the other, the Territory Labor Government is seeing record budget deficits and catastrophic net debt projections, fewer employed and less opportunity," he said.

"The message is clear - at the next election there is a choice between strong, responsible economic stewardship or wilful fiscal recklessness. It is critical that Australians not let Bill Shorten do to Australia what the Gunner Labor Government has done to the NT.

"The Territory Opposition is pleased to see commitments by the Federal Coalition returning the budget to surplus, new taxation measures for business and individuals, and a continuation of funds for infrastructure for the development of Northern Australia - this is on the back of record investment in Kakadu, Defence, and the Cities Deal.

"This budget delivers record services without increased taxation. This is what can be achieved through fiscal discipline - something Labor knows nothing about.

"There is also increased funding for the Territory’s beef roads of $492.3m and the Federal Government has continued to recognise and fund programs to address the high level of disadvantage of Aboriginal Territorians."