Still waiting on the Arafura Games analysis

19 July 2019

What is the Gunner Labor Government hiding?

Almost three weeks past deadline and the Opposition is still waiting for the cost-benefit analysis or "event impact evaluation" of the Arafura Games to be released.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said Minister for Arafura Games Natasha Fyles promised during Estimates, on June 13, that the analysis/evaluation would be released "by the end of this month".

"It is now half way through July, and no report," he said.

"It is just more broken promises from this wasteful and out of control Gunner Labor Government. If they have done the analysis, why aren’t they making it public? What have they got to hide?"

The Opposition has never questioned the social impact of the Games, but in a time of an economic and fiscal crisis, Territorians deserve to know how much this event cost them and whether it was a sound investment Mr Higgins said.

"We’ve been constantly questioning this Government’s priorities and hope this event has been worth every cent," he said.

"The fact is, this secretive Gunner Labor Government is obviously still in turmoil and we’re not confident they are keeping their eye on the ball.

"The Minister said the Arafura Games budget would not go beyond the $7.9 million, but was cagey about gold sponsorship arrangements and whether the Government was paying for international athletes and delegates to come to the Games.

"It is a community games, and the community deserves to know its true cost to them and whether it was worth it."