Statement on Labor Government dysfunction

22 December 2018

"We are deeply concerned about the disarray and disorder which is enveloping the Territory Labor Government – this is an exceedingly dark time for Territory politics.

"This is not a time for squabbling – dysfunction of this magnitude is bad for Territorians, bad for the Territory and does nothing to address our financial and crime crisis.

"Punishing the only Labor Minister who has had the courage to speak the truth is not only unfair, it is childish.

"It has now been confirmed by former Minister Vowles that government spending and waste is out of control. He has exposed they have no plan and Labor have cannibalised him.

"At least Ken Vowles had the guts to stand by his convictions and acknowledge Labor has led the Territory into dangerous, unchartered waters.

"Also, the Chief Minister’s priorities are questionable – he stays on leave after dropping an economic bombshell, yet cancels his trip to try to shore up his numbers in Caucus.

"Michael Gunner has a lot of explaining to do."