Sober truth for Alice Springs

24 October 2018

In Question Time this afternoon, the Leader of the Opposition asked the following of the Chief Minister in relation to sobering up shelter in Alice Springs:

Chief Minister, yesterday in response to a question from the Member for Port Darwin, you claimed that a sobering up shelter in Darwin became 24/7 because, and I quote "…while the sobering up shelter was having a day off, Territorians were not."

Chief Minister, the sobering up shelter in Alice Springs is open for six nights a week, from 3.00pm to 9.00am.

So Chief Minister, when are you going to extend the hours and days of operation for the Alice Springs to be just like Darwin? Because, don’t forget, Territorians don’t have a day off.

Leader of the Opposition, Gary Higgins said that the anti-social behaviour plan being pushed by Labor arrogantly disregards Territorians beyond Darwin, Palmerston and the northern suburbs.

"My question to the Chief Minister was simple – when is he going to open a 24/7 sobering up shelter for Alice Springs, just like he championed for Darwin in question time yesterday when responding to his own Labor colleague.

"The Chief Minister couldn’t answer my question, because he has no intention of increasing the hours or days of operation for the sobering up shelter in Alice Springs.

"Labor’s anti-social behaviour plan is seeping with arrogance, with a blatant disregard for anyone outside of Darwin, Palmerston and the northern suburbs," said Mr Higgins.