Shuffling the deckchairs

31 January 2019

Labor today has again shown it has no regard for industry with the appointment of a former left wing anti-fracking unionist as the new Minister for Primary Industry and Resources.

"Make no mistake, today’s announcement is a kick in the guts for the agricultural and mining industries – two of the largest and most important economic generators in the Northern Territory," Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said.

"It is absolutely disingenuous for the Chief Minister to claim because he worked on a farm that Paul Kirby has the necessary experience to be the Primary Industry and Resources Minister.

"He is on the record as not supporting gas exploration and he is also the most junior minister of the Cabinet.

"If anything, this shuffling of the deckchairs has confirmed Labor’s left wing, socialist agenda with the creation of a Climate Change Minister and an Energy and Renewables Minister.

"With the NT being the jurisdiction which is most reliant on tourism to provide private sector jobs, it is equally astonishing Minister Moss is still in the portfolio. Her failures in this area are well documented and Tourism should be a senior ministry.

"The Chief Minister claims he’s taking on the Business ministry to support business and we’re looking forward to hearing his plans given it’s taken more than two years for the government to wake up to the dire straits the Territory is in.

"We are still disappointed Labor didn’t lead from the top and keep its numbers at a Ministry of eight and save taxpayers $2 million a year."