Showing their true colours

13 February 2019

Labor continues to treat Territorians and the Northern Territory Parliament with contempt by refusing to address the real concerns about the failing economy and denying there is a problem.

This afternoon Opposition moved that the Assembly:

 Recognises that the Northern Territory is in a fiscal crisis based on its "Plan for Budget Repair’ dated 14 December 2018;

 Acknowledges that this crisis transcends the party divide; and

 Takes responsibility as a whole to address the dire state of the Northern Territory finances.

"It is a disgrace that their contribution to the debate was to amend the motion to promote themselves and they obviously remain in denial," Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said.

"The Opposition continued to ask the Chief Minister where he is up to in terms of the one-on-ones he’s conducting with departmental heads and the so called ‘root and branch’ examination.

"What savings have been identified for this financial year and the outer years? What discipline has been put in place in departments and agencies? How is the government reining in their spending? We need the detailed numbers. We have not seen one dollar of savings identified.

"This crisis is one for all Territorians and transcends the party divide."

The Opposition called on every Member of the Parliament to participate in the Public Accounts Committee’s examination of the accounts of the receipts and expenditure of the Northern Territory (per Terms of Reference) given the calamitous state of the Territory’s finances.

"We all need to be part of the scrutiny including the Government’s own backbench," Mr Higgins said.