September Parliament Preview

16 September 2019

The Opposition will continue to hold the Government to account for its incompetent mismanagement of crime and the economy during this month’s Sittings.
Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said with less than a year to go until the August 2020 election, it was imperative the Gunner Labor Government started answering questions and making some serious changes to turn around the economy.
“We are the worst performing economy in the nation and Territorians just can’t handle any more damage by this Gunner Labor Government,” she said.
“The Territory is so desperate for economic stimulation, and property crime is at record highs so the Gunner Labor Government have a lot of work to do in less than a year.
“Meanwhile, the CLP Opposition continues to work hard for Territorians.”
Mrs Finocchiaro said she expected the Government to bring forward changes to Youth Justice and Related Legislation Amendment Bill 2019.
“We are extremely concerned about these changes as the Bill places the rights of youth offenders above the rights of victims – the families and businesses that have, for too long, suffered the financial and emotional consequences of failed Government policies concerning youth offending,” she said.
“The Bill also would see all court proceedings involving youth automatically closed to the media and the public. The principal of ‘Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done’ must be preserved to ensure open and transparent administration of justice.”
Last month, Mrs Finocchiaro tabled a petition with 994 signatures calling on the Government to take action on youth justice.
“Later in the week it is expected that we will be debating the petition in the Parliament so hopefully the Gunner Labor Government are listening to the concerns of Territorians who have had enough,” she said.