Rural MLAs say NO NO NOonamah Ridge

24 July 2019

Gerry Wood MLA    Kezia Purick MLA     Gary Higgins MLA 

Member for Nelson           Member for Goyder             Member for Daly

The three rural Members of the Legislative Assembly, Gary Higgins, Kezia Purick and Gerry Wood are calling on the Minister for Planning, Logistics and Infrastructure to reject the Planning Scheme Amendment that if approved would allow the Noonamah Ridge proposal to go ahead.

This follows the rejection by the Litchfield Council but goes further than their approach saying that regardless of any modifications put forward by the developers to satisfy the Council’s concerns, simply put, this development is clearly in the wrong place.

The Members strong opposition is also based on the fact that this development is anti-rural and will destroy the amenity of the rural area in this area. This development will be bigger than the town of Katherine.

But most importantly the development is not supported by the local community as was heard loud and clear from public meetings organised by locals.

Noonamah Ridge has been promoted by the owner of the land, Intrapac the developer and a previous Planning Commission as something needed. The smooth sales media pitch hides the fact that they don’t care about what the locals think – they haven’t ever listened to the local people - they are simply determined to get their way.

Why the Government is even considering this development when residential land at the Humpty Doo District Centre and adjacent area has not yet been sold or developed is bewildering – not forgetting Durack Heights is now on hold?

This urban development should be sited in Weddell.

On behalf of the rural people of Elizabeth Valley and Lloyd Creek (the correct names for the area) the three local Members of the Legislative Assembly respectfully ask the Minister to reject this planning amendment so locals can get on with their lives in peace – a rural peace.

Gerry Wood MLA 0428 698 037

Kezia Purick MLA 0407 035 976

Gary Higgins MLA 0437 916 899 (Molly Baxter, Media Advisor)