Richardson Park

19 June 2019

The Opposition is concerned the Government is pushing its own agenda forward, forcing its decision to bulldoze facilities at Richardson Park on the Rugby League Community.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said Richardson Park was the spiritual home of Rugby League in the Northern Territory, and for many years, has been the final resting place for the ashes of several Top End greats.

"The Gunner Labor Government is constantly on about the importance of consultation but here we see another example of where the Government is," he said.

"We question the amount of consultation done and hope the wishes of this passionate Top End community has been taken into consideration.

"It’s very important that families of the deceased know the details of the plans for Richardson Park, and hope the Minister has been respectful, and hasn’t had any secret meetings to make her position final."

In Estimates yesterday, the Minister for Infrastructure Eva Lawler was asked about the circumstances of Richardson Park, and confirmed the grandstand would be demolished.

"We know sporting groups involved have done their homework in bringing in their own engineers who have passed the grandstand as structurally sound, so we want to know if the Minister has taken this into account," Mr Higgins said.

"We’re also concerned that lighting will be an issue if the park continues to be used by local clubs, after the Minister said the clubs would need to get in a queue behind an oval in her own electorate.

"We know clubs train after work hours, so there’s no point in demolishing the existing facilities if they have to wait an unknown amount of time for lights to be installed."