Release the CCTV camera vision of the Don Dale riot immediately

9 November 2018

The Leader of the Opposition, Gary Higgins calls for CCTV camera vision of the Don Dale riot to be released immediately.

Yesterday, the Minister for Territory Families, Dale Wakefield, misleadingly stated that CCTV footage of the Don Dale riot earlier this week may not be available due to a fire in the education building of the facility.

This claim is clearly false. On radio the Children’s Commissioner stated that she had been shown and reviewed CCTV footage from the incident. Similarly, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, had CCTV footage described to her during a briefing from Territory Families executive staff.

"The Labor Government needs to come clean with Territorians and release the vision of the Don Dale incident, so that proper scrutiny of the Government’s management of that facility can take place.

"In 2014, then Shadow Minister for Corrections, Michael Gunner, stated that it was a ‘shocking situation’ for a riot to take place at Don Dale where ‘the only solution [was] for them to be tear gassed’.

"Mr Gunner went on to state that ‘[t]ear gas is a powerful and painful chemical and we need to know what led to it being used’.

"The Opposition emphatically agrees with the then-Shadow Minister’s point and calls on the now- Chief Minister to immediately make CCTV footage of the incident available for public review.

"In the event that the Government arrogantly chooses to continue to cover up the details of this incident, the Opposition will file a freedom of information request under the Information Act to seek the disclosure of this critical vision," said Mr Higgins.