Real money welcomed

3 May 2019

The Territory Opposition welcomes the announcement from Federal Assistant Defence Minister David Fawcett that the Coalition government will bring forward $735 million worth of Defence Infrastructure investment.
This spend will be delivered in the Financial Years 2018/19 and 2019/20. The Defence White Paper outlines $20 billion worth of investment over the next two decades in the Territory.
Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said it was an announcement from a Federal Government with a proven economic management track record.
“This money is real money, as distinct from Labor, and it’s been bought forward to stimulate our economy,” Mr Higgins said.
“This clearly shows that the Federal Coalition is listening to local businesses here in the Territory. They care about investing in the Territory and providing the best possible opportunities for local business to grow and prosper. ”
Mr Higgins said the last time Labor was in Federal Government real Defence spending fell back to levels last seen in the 1930s.
“Labor nationally can’t be trusted to keep our nation safe,” he said.
Labor can’t be trusted to keep our borders secure.
“In the Territory we know that Labor is bad for business and they preside over the worst economy in the country.
“Don’t let Shorten do to Australia what Gunner has done to the Territory.”