Questions remain unanswered

16 August 2019

The Gunner Labor Government continues to say one thing and do another, after they announced $7m of funding for CDU today.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said it flies in the face of a question which went unanswered in Question Time on Wednesday, and proves this incompetent Government who promised to be transparent and honest, is anything but.

"I asked a very simple question to the Minister for Education: Can you confirm that the Government will be funding the redundancy of staff at Charles Darwin University to the tune of $7m?" Mr Higgins said.

"The answer was a mix of spin and jargon, and did not answer the Opposition’s question at all, but this morning, we see a media release from that same Minister, announcing a one-off extra $7m of funding for CDU.

"This Gunner Labor Government is sneaky and arrogant, holds the Parliament in contempt, has no respect for Territorians, and continues to waste hard earned tax payer money."

Mr Higgins said while the question continued to remain unanswered, the figures quoted by the Minister in her answer in the Parliament were also wrong.

"In the Parliament, the Minister said CDU receives an amount of $44.4 million in annual grants, but her media release this morning quoted a funding figure of $65 million in annual funding," he said.

"So when they do try to get some form of answer in, they can’t even get it right.

"This Gunner Labor Government just can’t be trusted, they are wasteful, and they do their best to hide answers to which Territorians deserve to know."

This question was one of 36 asked by the Opposition which largely went unanswered by the Gunner Labor Government during the two weeks of August sittings.