Questioning transparency

4 June 2019

The Government needs to come clean on why it’s taken so long to answer the Opposition’s Global Questions in the lead up to Estimates 2019.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said the questions relate to grant funding, staffing numbers, outsourcing, reviews, and procurement.

"What is this government hiding?" she said.

"They are simple questions, which require simple answers, but the Gunner Labor Government have not been open or transparent about the above issues.

"We are one week out from Estimates, and these questions need to be answered and they should have been answered by 24 May."

Mrs Finocchiaro said last year, the Opposition received answers to global questions a good three weeks prior to Estimates beginning.

"We sent 16 simple questions to each minister on February 22, 2019 and another 50 on April 4 2019, but we are yet to see responses from them," she said.

"The Gunner Labor Government is out of control, and we want to know what they’re hiding.

"This is a Government who said when they were elected, that they’d be honest, open and transparent but we’re yet to see that be the case."