Parliament Week Two Preview

13 May 2019

The Opposition will continue its scrutiny of the Gunner Labor Government this week, as week two of May’s Parliamentary Sittings begins.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said she would be paying particular attention to the Liquor Bill 2019.

"The Opposition has been meeting with stakeholders to fully understand the impact of the proposed changes to the Liquor Act," she said.

"We are concerned by the impact that the changes will have on small and medium-sized businesses in the Territory, including corner stores."

She said the Opposition hadn’t seen the final version of the Bill and won’t until it is formally introduced.

"Territorians tell us that the Gunner Labor Government’s alcohol measures have caused more problems than they have fixed," Mrs Finocchiaro said.

"Broad brush alcohol restrictions like the Minimum Floor Price and Banned Drinkers Register continue to operate without improvement and the removal of mandatory alcohol rehabilitation means chronic alcoholics are finding new ways to get their fix."

The Opposition will also be putting the pressure on the Gunner Labor Government about their wasteful spending on the Boundless Possible campaign.

"The incompetent and out of touch Gunner Labor Government has spent millions on the Boundless Possible campaign and wasted $403,000 on a 60 second Grand Final television commercial, hundreds of thousands on self-promotional fence wraps, and a $40,000 rocket to nowhere," Mrs Finocchiaro said.

"We are the worst performing economy in the nation and we can’t afford to shoot purple rockets into the sky hoping for a miracle."