October Sittings: What is the government hiding?

14 OCTOBER 2019

The Gunner Labor Government will be challenged to defend their appalling record on crime and the economy this October Sittings.
Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said the Opposition would take the Gunner Labor Government to task on the issues they’ve so far ignored or dismissed.
“This hopeless Gunner Labor Government has completely dropped the ball on crime and youth justice,” he said.
“They have watered down youth justice legislation, they are cherry picking crime figures, and they are completely out of touch with what the community is saying about crime.
“As well, the Opposition has been waiting nearly 60 days for answers to written questions about youth justice. What is the government hiding?
“We have said over and again there are some simple steps the government needs to take right now to help alleviate the crime crisis. These include putting youth justice back under corrections where there is custodial environment to deal with youth offenders, and changing the legislation to ensure breach of bail is an offence.”
Mr Higgins said the economy continues to be a major issue - Territorians deserve to know their futures are certain.
“There is no certainty for sustainable private sector investment into the Northern Territory,” Mr Higgins said.
“Territorians are paying over $1 million dollars a day in interest alone on our gruesome debt thanks to Labor, and yet this incompetent Government continues to throw away money on short-term projects and vanity ventures.
“They are horrendously wasteful, unrepentant about their spending and Territorians deserve better – much better.”