November Parliament Preview

26 November 2018

The Opposition will continue to call the Labor government to account in the last Parliament Sittings of the year.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said 2018 has been a lack lustre and disappointing year for the government.

"We won’t let them off the hook – they still need to answer for the Territory’s flagging economy, their failure to address crime and youth justice issues, their mishandling of alcohol reform and their inertia on issues of vital importance like fishing permits," Mr Higgins said.

"While the government continues to duck and weave and hide from the real issues of concern, Territorians want answers and action.

"They don’t fool us with their blame-game tactics. If they can’t or won’t answer simple questions what have they got to hide or is it a matter of, more than two years in the seat of power, they have no idea of what to do?"