No real consequences

17 July 2019

Today’s announcement by the Gunner Labor Government is nothing more than a re-announcement of its "Back on Track" plan from the end of last year.

After nearly three years the Gunner Labor Government is still making things up as it goes along.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said the community has no confidence in the Gunner Labor Government to implement any of its promises to deal with youth crime.

"This announcement, like every other announcement on youth crime, chronically lacks detail and is missing key features such as the Skills Training Centre it promised Palmerston 8 months ago," Mrs Finocchiaro said.

"It is laughable that the Gunner Labor Government is attempting to ‘talk tough’ but its actions don’t match its words.

"We know that Territory Families is unable to accurately and in real time understand whether its programs are driving down repeat offending. How can we have confidence that the initiatives announced today will be successful when success can’t currently be measured?

"The announcement certainly does one thing, and that’s offer up more questions than it does answers.

"Currently Operation Flinders ‘wilderness’ camps are for at-risk youth, is it proposed that offending youth will now be sentenced to these camps?

"How will youth offenders ‘give back to the community’?

"Are ‘wilderness camps’ the same as boot camps as promised by the Chief Minister?

"Will youth offenders be able to be sentenced to all of these programs?

"Territorians are crying out for stronger consequences for those that do the wrong thing, including escalating consequences for repeat offenders, the payment of debt to the community through public service, inclusion of parents and carers as part of the solution, and more effective use of electronic monitoring for youth offenders."

"We know this government likes to play with language and spin. But Territorians won’t be fooled."