No confidence

12 March 2019

Gunner’s Labor Government continues to deny the Northern Territory is facing a crisis.

In Parliament today, the Opposition moved a Motion of No Confidence in the Government – the most serious and significant motion which can be introduced into Parliament.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said reckless spending, broken promises, and a lack of transparency were all serious issues which have led to this motion.

"It’s important to get these matters on the public record and for all members, Labor, cross benchers and the Opposition to represent the views of their electorates," he said.

"Labor has called this a waste of time – they believe issues of great importance like the wrecking of the economy and Territorians’ safety should not be discussed."

The motion kicked off this month’s Parliamentary sittings, setting a serious and significant standard for Gunner’s Labor government to adhere to, after years of refusing to admit the Territory is in a crisis – an economic crisis, a crime crisis, and a societal crisis.

"This refusal has resulted in inadequate decision making, portfolio failures, disunity, dysfunction and chaos," Mr Higgins said.

"This Labor Government went to the election in August 2016 promising they would restore trust and integrity to government, be open, transparent and accountable, consult with and listen to Territorians, and be a unified team.

"They have done very little on all accounts and we need to hold them accountable for that.

"For anyone to refuse to discuss these issues in Parliament is arrogant, dismissive and ignores the concerns of Territorians."