No answers on cost of Arafura Games

13 June 2019

How much did the Arafura Games cost taxpayers?

It’s one of many questions facing Attorney-General and Health Minister Natasha Fyles and her department CEOs at Day Three of the Estimates Committee hearings, examining the NT Budget.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said there remained questions over the final cost of the Arafura Games.

"It has been two months since the Arafura Games finished and the Government still doesn’t know how much it cost," Mrs Finocchiaro said.

"This out of control Government has spent an unknown amount and Territorians deserve to know what that amount is.

"They have not been open and transparent about the Games’ costs from the outset.

"The Minister said she would make a cost benefit analysis public, but she would not commit to detailing the true cost to Territorians including what she called "in kind" support provided by other agencies such as Police.

"The Opposition has been very clear from the outset that we wanted the Arafura Games to be a success and that its social impact was positive, but $8 million + is an enormous amount of money and the Government needs to show clear economic benefit from that investment."

Not for the first time, the Minister has also hidden behind "commercial in confidence" when asked about the details of the unnamed Gold Sponsors.