No answers, no clue

15 August 2019

The two weeks of August’s parliament sittings has highlighted the Gunner Labor Government’s incompetence and contempt for Territorians by failing to answer the most basic questions in Parliament.

The Opposition asked 36 questions but the Government’s answers were few and far between.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said two questions concerning youth justice and crime had to be asked twice by the Opposition, and answers still weren’t forthcoming.

"So much for being open and transparent," she said.

"Territorians deserve to know how much the three-year Don Dale delay disaster has cost them, not just in dollars, but in lost opportunities.

"We know police are working around the clock to respond to crime and keep our streets safe, so why can’t the police minister inform Territorians how many youths are giving written or verbal warnings?

"The Chief Minister has touted there will be ‘boot camps’ in an attempt to talk tough and appeal to voters, but Territorians can’t be fooled - they know all this Government is intent on delivering is wilderness experiences.

"It’s arrogant and undemocratic to ignore questions asked on behalf of Territorians. If they believed in what they are doing they would defend it, but they don’t, because the results are indefensible."

The Chief Minister tried to outline what has been delivered by his Government, but Territorians can see through the spin and know the only thing he has delivered is eye watering debt, an economic crisis, higher taxes, lower house prices, less jobs, higher property crime, and a loss of confidence.

"This is the last August sittings before the 2020 election, so we hope this isn’t the type of behaviour we’ll see for the next 12 months," Mrs Finocchiaro said.