No answer on Alice Springs youth justice facility

24 October 2018

The Labor government has failed to advise Territorians of its latest plans in building a new youth justice facility in Alice Springs.

The Deputy Leader of the Opposition asked the following question of the Minister for Territory Families in question time:

Minister, you have bungled the announcement of a new youth justice precinct in Pinelands, yet you have made no announcements regarding a new site for the Alice Springs Detention Centre, a centre which is arguably less fit for purpose than Don Dale. Up to this point you have indicated that you are working with Desert Knowledge Australia.

Minister can you confirm that Desert Knowledge is now out of the picture and the new centre, according to sources in Alice Springs, will be located at the Arid Zone Research Institute, whose buildings are full of asbestos?

Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Lia Finocchiaro said that the Minister failed to answer the question on the progress of the centre’s location.

"The responsible Minister failed to answer my very straight forward question."

"The Opposition understands that Labor has pulled the pin on the Desert Knowledge Australia site, and instead intends to build at the Arid Zone Research Institute."

"Labor is misleading Territorians."

"I call on the Minister, and local member, to be honest with Territorians – where is she planning on building the new youth justice facility in Alice Springs?" said Ms Finocchiaro.