More questions – interesting answers

28 February 2019

The Northern Territory Government is continuing to act as if nothing is wrong with the economy.

"They continue to spend taxpayer dollars and are dodging telling Territorians what savings they are aiming for," Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said. "They have consistently refused to identify savings for this financial year and the outer years. Their discipline is lacking.

"We have submitted further questions for each agency regarding staffing, reviews, outsourcing, grants and donations.

"These are also areas which should be examined closely by Labor. They should be already on their radar for developing a more efficient government and addressing public expenditure.

"One of the more bizarre answers we received recently from the Government related to the Federal Policy and Strategic Coordination unit in the Department of the Chief Minister. We had asked for achievements in this area.

"The response we received was that the unit coordinates NTG responses to the Commonwealth on a variety of reports and agreements including:

 Commencement of free trade agreement negotiations with the European Union;

 Agreement between the Government of Australia and the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands concerning Oil Stocks Contracts; and

 Options for consideration on Australia’s 3 Best Practice Showcase Opportunity for the Quintet of Attorneys-General.

"How is this the best use of time of eight staff members including six executives?"

Mr Higgins said yesterday’s Economic Recovery Summit had offered advice to the government on project progress and decision making, facilitating private investment and the importance of the correct regulatory environment.

"Let’s see if they listen this time," he said.