More back flipping than a circus

19 March 2019

The Labor Government has failed to provide any answers as to why the Youth Justice Amendment Bill must be passed on urgency.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Lia Finocchiaro today said there was absolutely no reason the amendments should be passed on urgency.

"The government have had significant time to bring this legislation to the Parliament, so why all of a sudden do we need to pass this and make it retrospective on urgency today?" Mrs Finocchiaro said.

"Last year the government made changes to Youth Justice Legislation in line with recommendations of the Royal Commission. It appears today’s changes reinforce the Opposition’s belief that responsibility for youth detention is better placed with Corrections.

"The urgent changes sought are effectively a backflip by the Labor Government.

"There is no question that the state of youth detention in the Territory is in urgent need of repair. However, it has been for some time. This is not new information, so the use of urgency to pass a Bill once again by Labor is staggering.

"They are tinkering with their own legislation that was passed a mere 10 months ago."