MAC is back (on the agenda)

28 November 2018

Over 65s in the Northern Territory have had a victory in Parliament.

The Opposition welcomes the Treasurer’s indication that the Government will be reviewing the Motor Accidents Compensation (MAC) scheme in regards to the exclusion of those at pension age from recovering lost earnings under the scheme.

When speaking to a motion by the Member for Nelson, the Treasurer agreed with the Opposition that the exclusion of working pensioners from lost earnings was unfair and needed to be reviewed.

Currently, if you are over 65 years and six months and have a motor accident, you cannot claim lost earnings under the MAC – everyone under 65 can.

Under pressure from the Opposition and seniors in the community, including through correspondence, a petition and questions in Parliament, the Government has agreed to fix this aspect of the Act.

Deputy Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Seniors, Lia Finocchiaro MLA, said she was surprised the Government had come to the table on this issue.

"This Government is not known for listening or consultation, however the Opposition has succeeded in prosecuting this issue in the Parliament and putting it on the Agenda of the Government," she said.

"I thank the Government for coming to their senses and call on them to waste no time in giving working seniors a fair deal in our legislation."