Lost the battle, not the war

12 March 2019

Labor stands condemned for their complete indifference to the crises facing the Northern Territory.

In Parliament today, debating the Opposition’s No Confidence motion, the government contribution amounted to attacks on the former government and congratulating themselves on their performance.

"We were treating the issue seriously – Labor treated it with contempt," Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said.

"The debate highlighted the failures of the Gunner Government who have broken election promises and borrowed money like it was going out of fashion."

The motion was supported by all independents and accounted for one third of the Territory parliament, with a final result of eight voting yes and 15 voting no.

"We have seen two and a half years of overspending and waste by the Gunner Government, which has put the Territory in an economic crisis and on a path to a record level of debt of $35.7 billion.

They are also in denial about the serious state of crime across the Territory and as a consequence have lost the trust of their constituents.

"We’ve seen report, after report, with numbers from trusted organisations showing the decline in business confidence and lack of trust in investing in our economy.

"The Opposition brought this motion to this House to voice the concerns of their constituents – it is shameful that the Labor members chose not to do their job and represent their electorates," Mr Higgins said.

"This government refuses to listen to business, to their constituents and now the Opposition and the cross benches. The government have failed them today for not having the courage to stand up as their voice in Parliament- they should hang their heads in shame and start looking for a new job after the 2020 election".