Local tradies speak up

14 February 2019

More than 72 percent of tradies who responded to an Opposition survey say they are either not so confident or not at all confident that the government procurement process is fair and transparent.

The alarming result is one which has come out in the survey targeting local tradies which had 191 respondents.

"We conducted the survey primarily to find out directly from local contractors what they thought of Labor’s $69 million public housing repairs and maintenance program and their $100 million follow-up program," Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said.

"We’ve been told by some businesses that in fact the work has not gone directly to local contractors, that it has been difficult to win the work, that registering has yielded very little and that when they do win the work it is taking too long for government to pay.

"The results also show more than 58 percent were either dissatisfied or strongly dissatisfied with their experience obtaining government housing work and more than 40 percent strongly disagree that the government is doing enough to support small business.

"We committed to releasing the full results of the survey and we have. We’ll also share it with the government and hope they take notice of the results and the comments.

"Furthermore, we hope the government finally takes the hint and reinstates the CLP’s tradies scheme – a popular and actual stimulus which worked for our community."