Listen to the people

11 December 2018

The Labor Government should swallow its pride and find another site for the future youth justice and alcohol treatment facility.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said the rejection of the Pineland site by the Palmerston City Council is yet more evidence of the government’s mishandling of the issue, total lack of consultation and the blatant unsuitability of the site.

"The arrogance of the Labor Government over this project is at the point of ridiculous," Mrs Finocchiaro said. "And we call on Minister Lawler to commit that she will not abuse her power and overturn the DCA decision if the DCA does not approve the subdivision and rezoning applications.

"The businesses and local residents don’t want the facility at Pinelands and Palmerston Council’s draft letter expresses the same concerns that business owners, residents and the Opposition have over the government’s attempted rezoning of the area

"I am told that tonight there will be more than 100 concerned locals at the Council meeting – Labor needs to start actually listening instead of bulldozing their way through.

"There are very real concerns being expressed – from appropriateness of the site, zoning and lack of visibility over the design through to traffic considerations.

"Since it was announced out of the blue in August, the Minister has failed to properly consult and has buried her head in the sand about the inappropriateness of government’s plans for the area.

"There are a number of other sites that would make more sense for this facility, including on Crown or Commonwealth land near the current Darwin Correctional facility - which incidentally is closely located to the "youth training facility" government announced last week.

"Labor continues to ignore all the legitimate concerns and is stubbornly proceeding with the facility – it’s time they stopped the madness."