Langoulant Report: Strong leadership needed

15 April 2019

The Opposition has called for strong leadership and tough decisions on the eve of the long awaited Langoulant Report being released publicly.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said this Labor Government had failed on multiple accounts to rein in its spending and as a consequence, the Territory was in the middle of an economic and fiscal crisis.

"Labor knew that there would be declines in GST revenue but continued to waste money on things like self-promotion branded fence wraps and shade structures that don’t provide shade," Mr Higgins said.

"They didn’t have to continue with the CLP’s budget when they won government, they could have implemented a mini budget. Instead, they have failed to take any responsibility for their reckless spending and poor budget oversight.

"Labor promised a surplus at the election but soon after walked away from that promise.

"Why should Territorians trust Labor now?

"This incompetent Labor government does not believe there is an economic and fiscal crisis in the Northern Territory and their suggested approach is more of the same."

Mr Higgins said it was clear Labor liked to point fingers rather than take responsibility after:

 The CLP inherited a net debt in 2012 of $3.5B from the former Labor Government. By 2016, we had reduced the net debt to $1.8B. Now, it’s projected to be $35.7 bn

 They knew about the GST allocations, they knew about the Inpex construction wind down and they knew there were challenging times ahead

 They have continued to spend recklessly.

"We hope tomorrow there are some significant changes and tough decisions made," Mr Higgins said.