Lack of Boundless Possible measurements

12 June 2019

The Gunner Labor Government has not measured the Boundless Possible campaign beyond assessing spikes in website engagement following cinema advertising along Australia’s East Coast.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said the Boundless Possible campaign at this stage was about academic research and raising awareness, though didn’t mean anything unless there was conversion.

"This campaign and the population plan is being measured by website spikes, ABS data, car registration data, and job applications," he said.

"The Chief Minister said he wants Territorians to tell the story about how great the Territory is but all we hear is that we’re the worst performing economy in the nation, we’re in the middle of a crime crisis, and our credit rating has been downgraded again.

"We’re looking forward to seeing the snap shot in the middle of next month, and the final report promised at the end of December."

Participation of voters in rural and remote areas has also been a point of concern on the morning of Day Two of Estimates 2019.

Mr Higgins said it was great voter numbers had gone up in urban areas, but was alarmed at the decline in the number of voters in rural and remote communities.

"The Territory is unique, as it has lots of rural and remote communities with a high number of Indigenous Australians who should be involved in the democratic process," he said.

"We’re concerned a number of these people aren’t enrolled in our rural and remote areas so we asked questions about education programs in place in the lead up to the 2020 election, as well as whether NTEC staff had the resources to service rural and regional areas."

Also today in Estimates was the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption who said his office had received 280 referrals to date.

"Of the 280 referrals, 20 per cent allege corruption, and the remainder are for misconduct and improper conduct," Mr Higgins said.