Labor waste – a sign of the times

3 January 2019

The Labor Government has spent more than $63,000 on promotional fence wrap ($3400) and hoarding ($60,000) around its underground carpark project.

The figures were released by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics in response to written questions by the Opposition.

"Talk about waste," Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said. "This spending on self-promotion has got to stop.

"This just another example of how Labor has continued to fritter away taxpayers’ money – but they’ll never acknowledge it, they’ll continue to blame everyone else for the Territory economic crisis.

"It may seem like small figures compared to the millions in debt Labor has landed us in but this is how the waste adds up. Anyone with a credit card debt can tell you small incremental spending is just as bad as big dollar purchases.

"We appreciate the safety aspect of the solid hoarding but why the promotional painting and the very strange inclusion of artificial grass? And why not put it up in the first place instead of the initial fence wrap?"

The figures provides also show there have been 14 projects across the NT which have had fence wrap installed, at a total cost of $68,770.79 (exc GST). The 14 projects do not include the Nightcliff Renal upgrades which also features government fence wrap.

Other government waste includes: the $500,000 MyFuel website, $150,000 driverless bus trial, $1.2m Economic Summit Series talkfest, $800,000 plan for now defunct Myilly Point museum.